Clash of Kings Cheats & Strategy Guide: six Excellent Tips to Dominate

Clash of Kings Cheats & Strategy Guide: six Excellent Tips to Dominate

Clash of kings game

Elex’s brand new mobile title, Clash of Kings, is actually an exciting real time strategy game, where your process is actually building a powerful empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms. In terms of gameplay, you get to build the own base of yours and then stop different players from around the globe. With a huge number of empires to join, this’s, as they call it a MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real time strategy) game, so there is no chance to escape the social component of this particular title. However, in case you want a leg up against the opposition, we have come up with some Clash of A strategy and kings cheats guide, which you are able to find below.

1. Keep your Army Diverse

Do not concentrate on one kind of troops or soldiers alone. As each troop style is actually weak or strong against another, you should have a great mix of infantry, cavalry, and ranged fighters. You ought to also concentrate on training the army of yours as affordably as possible, which ought to be extremely simple in this particular game.

2. Always Keep The Workers of yours Busy

You must also have your workers building one thing – do not allow them to go idle. And it does not even need to be an important framework, just as long as there is some construction type ongoing.

3. Do not Collect Your Quest Rewards Until You Have In order to Use Them

This will apply to other kinds of resources, may it be basics as food and wood plus complex rewards as mithril and iron. Keep in mind that several other players will not have the ability to steal the rewards of yours before you really gather them. When you gather these materials, everybody else would wish to have dibs on them, so do not collect unless it is absolutely needed.

4. Attack Inactive Players

As we said above, the social component of Clash of Kings is actually inescapable. We are speaking MMORTS here, so this is not your normal human-vs-computer-AI mobile game we are referring to with these. Nevertheless, not everyone you will encounter in this game would still be active; these’re the ones you wish to attack. in case you see that someone has apparently stopped playing the game, be sure hit them in case you wish to get a bit of farming done easy. It is not difficult to notice these inactive players, as chances are they have not leveled up in some time, and do not have some defenses guarding them.

5. Hire Temporary Builders On the Cheap

For 250 gold, you are able to purchase yourself a temporary builder, although that builder will just be yours for 2 days. Having much more than one builder, of course , doubles the pace of construction, so seize the day and take advantage of the faster progress.

6. Unlock New Tech And Weapons, Here is How

You will have to do both in case you wish to outdo the competition. Go to the university for exploring brand new tech, and mind to the forge whether you would like to unlock different and much more effective weapons. Both will help you get that all important advantage over many other players.

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